My Story

I happened across Scentsy on facebook of all places. Just saw an ad and thought "What's that?" So I clicked and immediately had the urge to join the Scentsy family. I had wanted to become a consultant for a while but couldn't find a product and a company that I could really get into. Sure, there are home decor companies, but really, have you seen my house? Wouldn't work. There are also kitchen companies, but I couldn't tell you what most of those products are, much less how to use them. Nope, couldn't do it. But this... I can do this!

I have always loved candles! I have a tub of them that grows and grows. The problem is that I can't burn them around my son because he's into everything. Before that, it was my daughter. I just never have the opportunity to use them.

But the Scentsy products are different. I can use them around my kids. I can take them to work to make the office smell fresh without having to worry about the sprinkler system. And they have thought of everything. My friend once told me that she has always wanted a stuffed animal that smells like coffee. (Guess what she got for her birthday!!)

So I did some research and joined the Scentsy family! I haven't looked back since! Now I'm looking to bring more people into the growing business that I love!

October 2011: Joined and became an Escential Consultant.
January 2012: Became a Certified Consultant.
February 2013: Sponsored my First Recruit.
March 2013: Became a Lead Consultant and earned the Shooting Star Trainer Award.
November 2013: Received a Sales Award.
September 2015: Sponsored my Second Recruit.
November 2015: Received a Sales Award.
February 2017: Earned the Shooting Star Trainer Award.
March 2017: Earned the Shooting Star Trainer Award.